For the love of bridal shoes – How-To tips on bridal day shoes

Our brides have absolute impeccable style. It’s very exciting to get to witness how brides (and grooms) piece everything together. It takes time, especially when we have access to so many options, to find our “bridal-style.”  There are a few things to consider when purchasing your pair of bridal shoes:

  1. Can you walk? It may sound silly, but you want to make certain you can actually walk to your significant other. Even if for a mere 10 minutes, let’s make sure we can do some graceful walking. I recommend that if your shoes are a tad uncomfortable, make sure to have a back up pair (especially for dancing).
  2. Practice and get your shoes worn in. Most bridal shoes are slippery when they are brand new. I suggest spending some time scuffing them so they don’t present any slips on the day of.
  3. Make sure your dress isn’t so long that you are going to either trip, tear or not even see your sparkly pair of beautiful shoes.
  4. Lastly, wear those shoes again!



photos by the lovely: Lahna Graham @