6 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding Show Visit

It’s wedding show season and these events are the perfect opportunity to meet new vendors, chat with your selected vendors and get inspiration for your special day. Wedding shows can also be overwhelming and a bit scary. We’ve assembled out TOP 6 TIPS FOR GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WEDDING SHOW.

TIP #1
Assemble Your Squad.
Gather your group but don’t feel like you need to invite the whole squad. If you’re easily overwhelmed, we suggest going with a smaller group. Even as small and you and your fiancé. If your partner isn’t interested in attending grab a couple close friends. Bridesmaids are always good to have by your side or even Mom and Grandma. Keep it simple. If you think you can handle the whole crew, bring them all along.

TIP #2
Wear Comfy Shoes.
While your favorite pair of shows might be tempting, remember you’ll be doing a lot of walking. We recommend ditching the potentially uncomfortable for a cozy pair of Converse or a comfy boot.

TIP #3
Create A Wedding Email Address.
Throughout your planning process you will receive a lot (and we mean a lot) of emails. Keeping your regular inbox clean and organized can be an impossible task. To help you, setup an email address for wedding planning communication only. That means all your planning information is contained in one inbox. Genius! Examples would be: futurejones@ or ourwedding2020@

TIP #4:
Every vendor will want your email address and other contact information. Give it to them! It’s important you share your information with vendors. Often vendors will offer exclusive show discounts or promotions. These deals might be show specific, if you don’t give them your digits you might lose out. Spelling out your new wedding email address over and over can get a little mundane. Invest in some labels that have your name, best contact information and your wedding date. When vendors ask you for your information you can easily slap on your label and move on. This also works GREAT for vendor giveaways! If you plan ahead you can order labels from Shutterfly  for under $5. You can also create your own using a simple inkjet printer and blank labels from Target.

TIP #5:
Take Notes.
You are about to experience an overload of photographers, venues, florist, bakeries, wedding dresses and every other wedding related industry. It is a lot to remember. Utilize your phone to save notes and pictures of what you liked, what questions you have and vendors you want to follow up with.

TIP #6:
Have Fun!
Enjoy the planning process and soak in all the excitement. You’re in a room with people who love weddings. They want to hear all about what you’re doing, what colors you’ve chosen, what your dress is like and everything else. While there is defiantly working to be done don’t be afraid to dance to the DJs jams, laugh at the photo booth, eat cake samples and share all your ideas with everyone. Soak in every moment!

Happy Planning!