Should You Have an Official Wedding Hashtag?

There is no denying the appeal of social media and the desire to post the perfect insta-pic. Especially at weddings. While its common practice for brides and grooms to ask their guests to “unplug” during the ceremony but once the party gets moving it’s nearly impossible and everyone wants to catch Uncle Dave’s epic dance solo.

The question is, should you have an official wedding hashtag? There is no right or wrong answer. But, there is no denying there are some amazing photographs on everyone’s social media feeds captured by family and friends.

So maybe the question is, why would you not do it? You are guaranteed to get some fun shots, it is a great way to make your guests feel involved and a great way for your family and friends to be included in your entire wedding planning process.

When picking your official hash tag, the number one rule is to keep is simple. Making it complicated, easy to misspell or too long won’t make for a successful conclusion. Use hashtags like #meetthemacys, #jeffandbecky or #robinsonwedding.

It’s a good idea to choose your official hashtag early in the planning process and start using it. You can share photos of your cake tasting, bridesmaids dress fittings, tux shopping, venue tours and the always fun DIY projects.

If you send a Save The Date, that is a great place to start getting the word out. You can also add it to your wedding website, invitations, on a sign near your guestbook and don’t forget to give it to your vendors.

Most wedding vendors today have a solid social media following. They love a good hash tag from their brides and grooms. It gives everyone who views your hash tag a fun behind the scenes look and the best perk is, your photographer can use it to post those highly anticipated sneak peeks so EVERYONE can see how gorgeous your wedding day was.

Whether your techy or not, creating a fun and simple hashtag is a great way to collect priceless images and share amazing memories.


P.S. Most wedding venues have an official hash tag too and they love seeing all those fun pictures. #AshlandSpringsHotel