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212 East Main Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Phone: 541-488-1700
Fax: 541-488-1701
Guest Fax: 541-488-0240

We Are at Your Service

For calls outside the Ashland area you’re welcome to use our toll free number 1-888-795-4545 with the extensions listed below. To reach us by email, please type in any of the following addresses.

Scott Brandstetter, Assistant General Manager
541-488-1700 x1001

Craig Stephens, Front Desk Manager
541-488-1700 x1010

Chris Anderson, Director of Finance and Information Technology
(541) 774-4721

Danielle Atkinson, Sales & Catering Manager
541-488-1700 x1006

Karolina Lavagnino, Director of Sales & Marketing
541-488-1700 x1004