Pantone Color of the Year! How to incorporate in your wedding..

The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is: Ultra Violet. Every year I anticipate the moment that they release the new color..why? Because it helps set the tone for the upcoming wedding season. As soon as it’s released everything from the Fashion Runway to the small little wedding details are suddenly affixed to this Pantone Color.

You might be wondering how to incorporate this vibrantly bold color into your wedding day. There are ways to make a big statement on your wedding by adding the sparkly of this amazing hue.

  1. Check to see if your venue already has some of this color scheme in it’s decor. At the Ashland Springs Hotel we have flowers along the Gazebo that are Ultra Violet (see image above).
  2. Choose invitations, signage, menus, etc that add the tone to brighten up your paper decor.
  3. Have your venue make specialty cocktails in vibrant violet. I had our amazing Larks team whip up a cocktail to showcase just how easy it can be to add your color to your wedding day.
  4. Add elements of accessories: a sash, a ring, necklace, even shoes. Can you even imagine Ultra Violet Shoes with a tad bit of glitter!?! I know they must exist!
  5. Centerpieces: One of the easiest ways to add this special color is to have your centerpieces bloom with flowers of different hues of violet. Make sure it complements with what is already in place and doesn’t fight against it.
  6. Have fun with it! From bridesmaid dresses, to hair colors, to little details here and there.. add some Ultra Violet to your big day and you’re sure to be on trend.

Anyone else get super excited for the color of the year?