Real Weddings- Christia and Ashley

Christia and Ashley were married here at the Ashland Springs Hotel in February 2017. Two of my most favorite women to ever work with. They were always so kind, thankful and fun!! Christia and Ashley did something that we’ve never done here before. They divided our Palm Room (the getting ready room) in half and they both got ready in the room. There was only a partition dividing them. There was such excitement and anticipation as they both got ready right next to one another, but unable to see each other. I love all the pictures of them getting ready, reading their notes to one another and the holding hands photo! Oh love!!! You are so grand!

Christia and Ashley just celebrated their 1 year anniversary here at the hotel. I was lucky enough to get to see them that night. In their true fashion, they showed up with smiles, happiness, love (and oh yea.. chocolate and wine!!)

Thank you both for being you and bringing so much light into this world.