Lora’s Guide to Groom’s Vows

My main advice to writing vows is to write them from the heart. Here’s a list of ways to develop meaningful, heartfelt vows.

1. Make a Plan. Work out the details with your fiancée. Will you write your vows together or would you like for them to be independent of one another? See if there is a specific format you two will want to follow.

2. Reflection. Spend time reflecting on your feelings about your love. Write down moments in time that you felt overjoyed with feelings and try to describe those moments. Vows that come from the heart will reflect your raw emotions.

3. Start Early. Even if you don’t complete your vows in one day, start writing them early. Take some time to jot down certain moments in your relationship that stood out. Those moments will help you to come up with the words to form your vows. But make sure your vows are ready before the week of the wedding. A lot of things come up the week of the wedding and you will want that time to just be present with your fiancée and loved ones.

4. Find Your Promises. Once the time comes to write your vows, start the editing process. Your vows will more than likely not be the whole story of your love, but snippets of moments that you want to convey to your fiancée. Find the words of promises to one another. 

5. Laugh It Out. Don’t be afraid to add humor to your vows. Although this is a serious moment in your day, make sure to remain true to yourself. Those moments of laughter in a ceremony are the moments that bring joy and ease any anxieties that may be happening. The look on your fiancées face as she laughs and lovingly looks at you will be a moment that melts your heart.

6. Be Yourself. In the end, the best thing to be is you. Your fiancée is marrying you and wants to hear your words. Try to not overthink your words. Keep them genuine and heartfelt and most importantly.. You!