Chocolate BlissAbout 25 years ago, I began creating truffles. It began as a creative outlet, using chocolate, the most amazing food on the planet, worthy of its reputation of “Food of the Gods”. As an artist, I believe in perfection: the use of organic chocolate, organic cream, and organic flavorings (when possible). I take a personal, intimate approach to creation, preparing small, fresh batches, and hand dipping to result in a unique, one of a kind appearance. I present my truffles in unique flavor combinations, for example the spice assortment includes: Ginger Lemongrass, Chili Lime, Tamarind Nutmeg, and Cardamon Macadamia. I also have a liquor assortment: Amaretto, Kahlua & Cream, Grand Marnier, and Black Forest. My most resent creation is the Aphrodisiac Truffles, using organic herbs known for their aphrodisiac qualities. My all time favorite is the Sea Salt Caramel Truffle, indescribable! Everyone’s favorite!

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