Lithia Springs Resort

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Lithia Springs Resort

At Ashland Springs Hotel we take you on a journey to the days when travel was adventure and destination was part of fun. At our sister property, Lithia Springs Resort, we step back in time to celebrate healing waters and nature, just as Native Americans did for centuries.

Lithia Springs Resort is located just 3 miles outside of downtown Ashland. The resort features healing, mineral warm springs piped into private soaking tubs located in 28 comfortably appointed spa-like bungalows and suites. The curative springs found deep beneath the resort are rich in sulfur and numerous minerals, which help body heal, relieve stress, and rejuvenate. A unique Oregon experience with a soft-spoken luxury.

The resort grounds include beautiful flower gardens, arbors, koi ponds, and secret hideaways. Lithia Springs Resort is an oasis of tranquility and beauty with its quaking aspens, fruit trees, grapes, and colorful rose and berry bushes, all cultivated organically from their early beginnings. The resort is a unique outdoor venue, perfect for any corporate or social event, including weddings.

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