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Main Street Spirits Dinner – Cocktails

Learn about each classic cocktail below


La Figue
Malfy Gin – Champagne – Fresh Figs

Combines the citrus forward Malfy Gin, Sweet local figs and sparkling wine for a crisp, slightly sweet beginning. Malfy Gin is creating in Italy which is the birthplace of Gin. Paired with First Course: Chef Inspired Canapé


Preserved Orange Old Fashioned
Buffalo Trace Bourbon – Housemade Preserved Orange – Charred Rosemary

Combining the Buffalo Trace Bourbon and the sweet, yet tart flavor of preserved oranges creates a magical balance.The Orange pairs nicely with the duck, the cranberry and the smokiness of the bourbon compliments the hazelnuts and winter herbs. Paired with Second Course: Duck Confit Tartine, Cranberry Winter Herb Chutney, Hazelnut Aioli, Watercress


Gold Sazerac
Flora De Cana Gold Rum – Absinthe – Molasses Syrup

Typically, the Sazerac is created with whiskey, but Flora De Cana Gold rum called for a bigger pairing. The dark, deep molasses creates a platform for the anise flavors of the absinthe and sweet notes in the rum. Paired with the sweet candied lemon, dried figs and spicy arugula it creates a balance of sweet, spicy and tart. Paired with Third Course: Organic Arugula, Pernod Lemon Vinaigrette, Marinated Sheep Milk Feta, Dried Mission Figs, Candied Lemon Rind, Toasted California Walnuts


Peppered Scotch
Highland Park Magnsu Scotch – Black Pepper – Honey Syrup – Grilled Apple

Scotch is often not a spirit you add mixers too, especially The Highland Park Magnum Scotch, but the slightly sweet honey syrup, the lightly charred tartness of apple and spicy hint of fresh cracked black pepper paired with the richness of beef short ribs fuels your taste buds for a culinary explosion. Paired with Fourth Course: Slow Braised Novy Ranch Beef Short Ribs, Kabocha Squash Puree, Fresh Apple Fennel Slaw, Natural Molasses Pan Jus Walnuts


Di Mi!
Five Farms Irish Cream – Nobel Espresso – Almond Dusted Caramel

Di Mi is a 1920’s slang word for “My Goodness”. When we created this cocktail using Five Farms Irish Cream our original intention was to steer away from the traditional Irish Cream & Coffee pairing but after one sip It demanded to be paired with the dark, rich Noble Espresso. And our first words were similar to “My Goodness”. Rimming the glass with caramel and a dusting of salted almonds compliments with dark chocolate and sweetness of the pomegranate. Paired with Fifth Course: Dark Guittard Chocolate Pomegranate Pot De Crème


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