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Cuckoo’s Nest Wines – Private Label of Bryan Wilson


Learn about each of the six wines paired at the 2nd Annual Wine Dinner in the English Garden.

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2016 Frizzé Muscat 

Winner of Best in Show at 2017 Oregon Wine Experience – Celebration of the Last Vintage of Cuckoo’s Nest Frizzé Muscat

Wonderfully aromatic, delightfully fizzy, and deliciously sweet, Fizzé is made from Early Muscat grapes and is one of the very few wines in the world that captures the fresh flavors and aromas of the grape without them being lost in the transformation from juice to wine.  The style is inspired by Italian Moscato D’Asti, and is characterized by an abundance of floral fragrance, naturally fizzy fruit flavors and low alcohol (7.2%).  

While typically thought of as a dessert wine, Fizzé is as versatile as it is fresh.  Its simple elegance, delicate and refreshing, allows enjoyment as an aperitif, a simple sipping wine on a hot summer’s eve, or a punctuation mark after a big meal.  It is also known as “the perfect brunch wine” and
serves well as a celebration wine for special occasions.


2017 Pinot Gris

The fruit for our 2017 Pinot gris was grown by Dick Ellis in his vineyard just outside of Phoenix Oregon.  The vineyard sits atop an ancient riverbed where an alluvial fan deposited sand, gravel and pebblestones creating an exceptionally well drained substrate limiting vine vigor.

Winemaking is straightforward.  The cold grapes are whole cluster pressed to prevent extracting color and tannins from the greyish purple skins.  A press cut leaves behind the dark bitter juice that comes at the end of the press cycle. No sulfites were added to the juice and only at the completion of fermentation were small additions of sulfites made.  Three different aromatic yeast selections were chosen to preserve and enhance fresh fruit aromas and flavors. The wine was fermented entirely in stainless steel, again to keep the flavors fresh and lively, with sur lie aging to contribute texture and complexity.  The sur lie aging, or aging on the yeast, unlocks flavors and aromas that otherwise would remain dormant in the wine.

Our goal is to craft a Pinot Gris that has good concentration of fruit along with mouthwatering acidity and a streak of minerality.  While not overtly fruity, tropical flavors of guava, kiwi and Asian pear mingle with a splash of zesty pink grapefruit. Subtle spicy notes of coriander and Bergamot tea add depth to the wildflower, honey and toasted coconut aromas.

202 cases bottled March 2018


2016 Aromatíque

Aromatíque is a unique blend of 78% Viognier and 22% Gewürztraminer.  There are no precedents for this blend from anywhere else in the world.  Truly an exotic aromatic white, we strive to highlight the purity of fruit and aromatic complexity that are the hallmarks of these varietals.

The Viognier for the blend is grown by Randy Gold in Talent Oregon from vines planted in 1999.  The Gewurztraminer was sourced from Gerber Vineyard in the Illinois Valley, planted in 1974. Old and truly mature vines are key to delivering the intense flavors and aromas of these varietals that are cherished by their fans.

Viognier and Gewürztraminer share several notable attributes.  Obviously aromatic, they are also lower in acidity than most whites and thus more full bodied with a rich, succulent texture.  While Viognier tends to be more floral, think honeysuckle and citrus blossom, Gewurztraminer is characterized as spicy, particularly Asian spice.  Vibrant flavors of peach, papaya and nectarine are rich and juicy. Sufficient acidity keeps the wine balanced and refreshing. While there is a tiny bit of residual sugar in the wine, it finishes as a rich, dry white.  It’s up to you to fill in the terms for the enticing aromatics!

The fruit is gently whole cluster pressed and then fermented in stainless steel to preserve fresh fruit aromas and flavors, using yeast selected for high note aromatics, with sur lie aging (extended yeast contact) enhancing texture and complexity.  No sulfites are added to the juice and only after fermentation is complete are small doses of sulfites made.

162 cases bottled March 2017


2016 Chardonnay

The fruit for our 2016 Chardonnay was grown in Rand Gold’s vineyard in Talent Oregon.  The vineyard rests on a benchland terrace on the western side of Bear Creek Valley and is beautifully farmed.  The selection is entirely is Robert Young clone 17.

The cold fruit was harvested at the crack of dawn and then brought to the winery and gently whole cluster pressed.  After a day of settling the wine was transferred to three barrels and a stainless steel drum to ferment. No sulfites were added to the juice and only at the completion of fermentation were small additions of sulfites made.  With the goal of a refined and elegant style that focuses on purity of fruit, the choice of 25% one year French oak, 50% neutral and 25% stainless steel was made. The wine did not undergo malolactic fermentation, again choosing to keep the lively acidity and avoid a buttery Chardonnay.

Flavors and aromas of Bartlett pear and white peach are supported with subtle notes of creamy vanilla spice.  The silky texture glides across the palate with refreshing acidity and hints of toasted hazelnut and brioche.

94 cases were bottled June 2017


2015 Pinot Noir

The fruit for our 2015 Pinot noir was grown by the Pearl Family along the Applegate River near the town of Wilderville.  The vineyard sits on an alluvial fan of very fine deposits of sand, dirt, gravel and river rock and is exceptionally well drained.  Our block is composed entirely of Dijon clone 777.

The grapes were hand harvested the first week of September 2015 and were sprinkled with dry ice and wrapped in shrink wrap to blanket them with C02 and were immediately put into cold storage at 33 degrees F for 4 days to chill them down prior to destemming.  After destemming into ¾ ton open top fermenters the must was punched down by hand once daily during its five days of pre-fermentation cold soak. The must was then warmed and inoculated with a strain of Assmanhausen yeast that was grown up from a live culture slant.

During fermentation, the must was gently punched down once daily until delicate pressing after 14 days of skin contact.  The wine was inoculated with malolactic bacteria to complete the secondary malolactic fermentation in barrel. It spent eleven months in French oak, 1/3 each one year, two year and three year old barrels, no new oak was selected.  

A delicate, pretty style of Pinot Noir with a vibrant garnet hue and pure Pinot noir aromatics that delivers flavors of plum and raspberry with scents of rose petal, lavender and Asian spice.

Light in color and body, yet pure and intense fruit flavors, racy acidity and a succulent finish with very fine and silky tannins; a refreshing style of Pinot noir.

174 cases bottled unfined and unfiltered August 23, 2016.


2015 Syrah

The fruit for our 2015 Syrah was sourced from Lee Mankin’s Coleman Creek Vineyard in Phoenix Oregon.  The vineyards was meticulously farmed and cropped at one cluster per shoot, concentrating flavors and richness.  

Fermented in ¾ ton small batch fermenters and punched down by hand one time per day, our goal is to extract the pure, concentrated flavors of Syrah and sufficient structure without excessive tannins.  The wine was aged 18 months in one, two and three year old French cooperage. We believe that new French oak obscures the dark and delicious fruit that is the core of this wine and the ample tannins from the skins don’t need additional tannins from new French oak.

This Syrah has a juicy core of dark fruits, with flavors of ultra-ripe blackberries and Bing cherries providing a rich and succulent texture with a whirl of fine grained tannins providing length to the finish.  Balance is the key. While the wine is full-bodied, it is not too tannic nor alcoholic, but rather quite rich and plush. Not too big, not too small, sort of a Goldilocks wine, just right!
Other than help on the bottling line, the wine was made entirely by Bryan Wilson, in the belief that being close and intimate with the winemaking gives us the chance to make the best wine possible.

99 cases bottled unfined and unfiltered June 2017

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