Homemade ConfectionsOur owner Judy Galindo created her delicious recipes for English Toffee and Peanut Brittle over 20 years ago. Our signature piece is English Toffee. The perfect balance of bittersweet chocolate, hand roasted almonds and a delicate, crisp center, makes this candy your wonderful choice for a treat!!! We roast the peanuts for our Peanut Brittle and give you more peanuts than most in every mouth watering bite resulting in a candy that melts in your mouth which is truly tempting and satisfying!!! Our passion is making candy for you that you will love!!! We are thrilled to be among the finest chocolatiers in Southern Oregon and are delighted to be able to serve you!!!! Being a supreme chocolatier and using only the finest ingredients with superb integrity makes her candy exceptional. We use only the highest quality chocolate, sweet cream butter, pure imported vanilla and all premium ingredients which sets us apart from others.

We would never serve or sell a product that is not exceptional!!! www.homemadeconfections.org / 541-690-9751

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